Customer Intelligence Software

Gain deep customer insight using machine learning technology.




Build relationships with customers, discover purchasing patterns and provide specific offers with our customer intelligence software. Our solutions capture all customer-centric data and use it to power advanced and predictive analytics that feed into your business and marketing decisions.

How We Help

Customer Insight

Find out more about your customers’ behaviour. A broad view of customer behaviour gives you a new and intimate understanding of how customers interact with your business.

Think Outside the Box

Whatever plans you want to execute, our flexible solution and depth of behavioural information make it possible.

Make Excellent Plans

Our customer insights allow for detailed, sophisticated and behaviour-driven plans.

Simple Delivery

We integrate with disparate systems so plans can be executed easily across multiple systems.

Measure Success

Greater visibility on customer behaviour helps you quickly determine what works, so you can iterate your plans.

Scalable Infrastructure

Everything we build lasts. Using our solution means you’re always adding to your capability and producing value in the long term.

Our Expertise

We can build a range of customer-facing digital channels including:

Cross-platform mobile applications.

Functional website development with a range of customer-facing functionality.

Bespoke SaaS products

Chatbots including Facebook functionality.

Widgets that can link to external sources.

We deploy middleware to capture a large volume of customer behaviour across disparate systems in real-time.

We use stream analytics to analyse customer behaviour and develop highly specific sales and marketing plans.

Our process enables the execution of sophisticated plans through integrations with third party systems.