PizzaExpress Loyalty App Build


PizzaExpress have entrusted MethodWorx to do the latest ground up build of their brand-new loyalty platform. Having previously completed work for PizzaExpress and being hospitality industry tech experts, they know that MethodWorx will always deliver top end service.

In this case study, we review the exciting new features, how the loyalty scheme works and additional improvements MethodWorx has made to the App:


The outdated PE app needed a refresh to introduce all the new features that the App required. The main challenge was to seamlessly integrate the new loyalty scheme within the customer journey. We worked in an agile environment which included a lot of fast open communication between the two companies, which was crucial to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of time used.

The issue with the old app

The old app was running on software that had become outdated, and this resulted in the app not being compatible with new changes needing to be made. A few other issues with the old app that needed to be improved were:

Previously, the app was more offer-focused as opposed to focusing on the full customer booking journey.

The previous PizzaExpress App was designed around offers to entice the end-user to make bookings. Within PizzaExpress, there was a concern that this was not beneficial to their already existing customer base. The offers were not rewarding to returning customers but instead focused on encouraging customers to visit on loose-leading openings. This traditional model no longer reflected the transition of both post-pandemic work and life models.

When you tried to book a time and it was available, you would have to take extra steps to secure your booking. The new app books straight away if there is availability, making the booking experience more efficient.

The focus of the new App journey was to encourage more frequent visits by improving the booking model that had been previously used, but now streamlining it to make it easy to find a local restaurant and book a table.

Certain key restaurant information was missing.

To improve the booking experience, the front-end needed to be re-modelled to allow clear signposting of key restaurant information; facilities, opening times, and the option to expand the app in the future to include delivery and collection.

On initial consultation with MethodWorx, the most suitable solution that was seen, was a fresh ground-up build.

This would allow newer technology to be integrated into the App, guaranteeing a futureproofed solution that would work as a base for the expansion of the App, and Events Solution.

This required an event booking system that could be expanded to allow pseudo-real-time events and GPS ringfencing.

The app did not have a loyalty scheme.

Improving the PizzaExpress App

We built an entirely new App for PizzaExpress that could now display all the exciting new features, an improved customer experience, and most importantly, the brand-new loyalty scheme. A few more improvements to note are the following:

  • The App was designed in a way that would make it easier to get into primary groups that PizzaExpress wanted to push. This encourages users to book, collect and get deliveries done. The App now fits the customer journey better, according to their priorities.

  • New designs were implemented. MethodWorx followed the designs provided by a design agency and implemented these into the new App. \n\n- We ensured every aspect of the App fits the new branding.

  • We added pop-up modals and integrated the App’s CMS.

  • The menus have been updated. Different restaurants can have unique menu items, so we have made sure you can now access the individual menus for each branch.

  • MethodWorx repurposed the Pay at table software.

  • An improvement was made to the App’s push notifications and the dashboard for notifications has been improved.

  • We rehauled the whole booking journey. In comparison to the old App, it is significantly better. The journey that you go through and the results that come back are easy to follow and have now been simplified.

  • We have ensured that the user will catch onto the customer journey relatively quickly. We improved the App’s UX and UI to aid this journey.

New Exciting Features

The new loyalty platform added to the app is filled with exciting features that aim to reward customers.

Refer A Friend

A new feature called ‘Refer A Friend’ has been introduced. This allows you to share a code with a friend, and once they have downl...
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Booster Rewards

We have also introduced ‘Booster Rewards’. These are special deals such as 2 for one, or the ability to earn double stamps, etc.</...
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QR and Camera Integration

You can now Scan a QR code on PizzaExpress products in the supermarket to gain more loyalty points. Customers will also now receive a QR sticker co...
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There is now a link to Deliveroo, as well as a click and collect page that was not on the previous app.

Dine-in loyalty

Not only do you gain rewards for delivery and the purchase of PizzaExpress items, but you can also enjoy specific rewards for dining in PE restaura...
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Pay at table system

We created the Pay at table system as a standalone web application, prior to adding it to the Mobile App. It allows users to enter their table numbers and pay off their bills using their mobile devices.

The App was designed from the ground up to allow users to have the same journey as they normally would have with an offline table service payment. The users can view their bill and select items from the bill to pay off at checkout, or alternatively, they could select to pay the complete bill, or simply a portion of it.

The App also allows users to apply vouchers to the bill to either receive discounts against the whole bill, or for individual items that they had ordered.

The Pay at table System was reworked and integrated into the react-native application. This now allows users to select loyalty vouchers that they have gained from previous visits to the App. The presentation of loyalty on the billing page allows users to have greater visibility of the rewards that they apply to their bill before moving on to checkout.

How the Tier Progression System works

The user needs to complete 1 full pizza to earn a stamp. They can earn pizza slices by:



Scanning a barcode or entering a code from retail packaging (earns 1 slice)


Delivery or collection

Scan a barcode or enter a code from delivery or collection (earns 6 slices)


Dine in

Dine in at a restaurant (earns 12 slices equating to 1 pizza stamp)

Tier progression

Once the user achieves gold status, they can continue collecting stamps to secure the gold tier for another year. Each tier offers exciting rewards which get better the higher you go.



Complete 1 pizza to achieve bronze



Complete 4 more pizzas to achieve silver (5 total)



Complete 7 more pizzas to achieve gold (12 total)


  • The app was built using React Native. This builds on top of what android and IOS use for their apps.

  • Languages used: Java & Katalin (Android) and Swift (IOS).

  • Everything was updated to be supported by the latest version of smartphones and software.

User Experience

A top priority for every app build or update we do is to ensure that the user experience is always being improved:

  • The user experience for this build was geared towards loyalty and restaurant bookings. As soon as you enter the App, this is the journey the user is taken on.

  • There is a progression of the tiers, awards, and bookings. This is clear and the journey is made to be easily understood by the user.

  • The journey for booking tables has been simplified.

  • A lot of work has taken place to ensure the App is suitable on all devices and phone settings, such as text size, etc.

  • The journey with loyalty keeps the user invested and it is rewarding to use the App.