PizzaExpress Event Stream

All our implementations feature enterprise-level scalability, robustness and use Azure platform-as-a-service components. This allows your solution to grow in-line with your business.


Helping PizzaExpress connect with 8 Million Digital Customers

Methodworx’s Event-Stream solution enables PizzaExpress to understand its customers and deliver highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

In this case study we’re going to look at how Event-Stream solution took PizzaExpress’s marketing capability to a whole new level:



20+ complex and highly targeted campaigns are delivered every month across 470 restaurants and multiple digital channels.



100+ campaigns are delivered automatically using real-time data from multiple digital channels.



Thousands of interactions with 8 million customers are captured every hour providing the business intelligence to drive strategic marketing decisions.


Life Before Event-Stream – Perpetual Missed Opportunity

Matt Broom, Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress, summarises the frustrations that led to Event-Stream’s deployment:

None of the out-of-the box SaaS solutions in the marketplace were suitable, all requiring too much compromise for a business of PizzaExpress’s size and complexity.

Event-Strem by Methodworx was technically robust but crucially had the flexibility PizzaExpress needed to deliver its digital vision.

Matt says of his decision to start working with Methodworx:

We were all very relieved that a company existed that was willing to work with us to provide the specific solution – we didn’t want to compromise, and working with Methodworx gave us everything we needed in terms of functionality and service delivery.


Event-Stream Captures Everything

Matt Broom, Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress, summarises the frustrations that led to Event-Stream’s deployment:

Every time a customer touches the business via a digital channel that information is captured in one place, ready to be analysed and deployed in campaigns.

Matt says:

A single customer view allows PizzaExpress to look at how each customer interacts with the business across different digital channels: mobile, Wi-Fi, bookings, website and more. Multiplied 8 million times this gives PizzaExpress valuable insight on how its customers behave.

Event-Stream Enables Sophisticated Analysis of Customer Behaviour

With detailed customer insights now at its fingertips PizzaExpress can evaluate customer behaviour through a new lens. It can finally understand how its huge customer base behaves and start to build targeted campaigns that speak directly to different subsets of customers.

Matt explans:

Customers can be grouped into very specific segments based on how they’ve interacted with us through different channels – this allows our marketing team to really zero in on delivering targeted customer campaigns.

Event-Stream Enables Quick Campaign Execution\n\nEvent-Stream not only allows seamless data analysis, it also powers campaign execution using its API. This enables PizzaExpress to not only conceive highly-specific campaigns but also put them into action.

Matt explans:

The Event-Stream middleware allows us to take the rich data we’ve captured and then push campaigns out through various digital channels. This process is now 50 times quicker than the old manual process.

An Example - Birthday Campaigns. After Event-Stream’s deployment, PizzaExpress was able to greatly improve the campaign that gifted PizzaExpress vouchers to customers on their birthday. This is how Event-Stream helped make this campaign 200% more effective:

  • A single cstomer view allows the business to assign one birth date to every customer record.

  • Detailed market segmentation allows for tailored birthday gifts to be sent to different customer types.

  • Automation can easily be set-up to push out birthday gifts consistently, removing the need for constant manual intervention and data cleansing.

  • Because customer behaviour can be tracked easily with Event-Stream, A/B testing on the effectiveness of different campaigns is simple.


We can now confidently commit to a digital roadmap – knowing that we have Event-Stream powering us. Before Event-Stream we had no agility and spent our resources on manually creating patches and campaigns that always had problems. Now we can plan for the future and have really productive discussions with our partners in marketing - all of a sudden everything seems possible!

He also had this to say about Methodworx’s approach:

The team at Methodworx are hands down the best development partner any of us have ever worked with in our careers. The work they have done rolling out Event-Stream has given us an incredible competitive advantage.


1 customer profile created across all digital marketing channels.


8 million customer interactions captured allowing business and marketing teams to develop data-driven strategic plans.


50x increase in the number of marketing campaigns can be deployed in any given time period.


100s of development team hours saved every month because there is no need to spend time setting up laborious manual campaigns.


1000s of brand new customer segments can now be developed using the Event-Stream datasets.