PizzaExpress Case Study: Connecting with Eight Million Digital Customers

Methodworx’s Event-Stream solution has revolutionised the way PizzaExpress connects with its digital customers. With the ability to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns to over eight million customers across 470 restaurants and multiple digital channels, Event-Stream has taken PizzaExpress’s marketing capability to a whole new level.


Overcoming Perpetual Missed Opportunity

Before the deployment of Event-Stream, PizzaExpress faced numerous challenges in its marketing efforts. Out-of-the-box SaaS solutions were not suitable for a business of its size and complexity, requiring too much compromise. PizzaExpress needed a solution that was technically robust and flexible enough to deliver its digital vision without limitations.


Capturing Everything with Event-Stream

Event-Stream provided the solution that PizzaExpress was looking for. By capturing every interaction, a customer has with the business via a digital channel, Event-Stream provides detailed customer insights that can be analysed and deployed in campaigns. This enables sophisticated analysis of customer behaviour, allowing PizzaExpress to understand how its huge customer base behaves and build targeted campaigns that speak directly to different subsets of customers.

Event-Stream also powers campaign execution using its API. This enables PizzaExpress to not only conceive highly specific campaigns but also put them into action quickly and efficiently. For example, after Event-Stream’s deployment, PizzaExpress was able to greatly improve the campaign that gifted vouchers to customers on their birthday. By utilising Event-Stream’s capabilities, this campaign became 200% more effective.


Increased Agility and Productivity

With the deployment of Event-Stream, PizzaExpress has seen a significant increase in agility and productivity. The solution has saved hundreds of development team hours every month by removing the need for laborious manual campaigns. It has also enabled the creation of thousands of brand-new customer segments using the Event-Stream datasets.

PizzaExpress can now confidently commit to a digital roadmap, knowing that it has Event-Stream powering its efforts. The solution has allowed for more productive discussions with marketing partners and opened new possibilities for data-driven strategic plans. With Event-Stream, PizzaExpress can deploy fifty times more marketing campaigns in any given time period.


A Powerful Solution for Data-Driven Marketing

Event-Stream has empowered PizzaExpress to develop data-driven strategic plans and deploy more marketing campaigns in any given time period. The solution has greatly improved the effectiveness of campaigns such as the Birthday Campaign, making it 200% more effective. With Event-Stream, everything seems possible for PizzaExpress’s digital marketing efforts. The solution provides a powerful tool for understanding customers and delivering highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive business success.

A single customer view allows PizzaExpress to look at how each customer interacts with the business across different digital channels: mobile, Wi-Fi, bookings, website and more. Multiplied eight million times this gives PizzaExpress valuable insight on how its customers behave.

Matt Broom

Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress

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