PizzaExpress Case Study: A New Loyalty Platform

PizzaExpress entrusted MethodWorx with the ground-up build of their brand-new loyalty platform. As hospitality industry tech experts with a proven track record of delivering top-end service to PizzaExpress, MethodWorx was the perfect partner for this project.


Updating the PizzaExpress App

The outdated PizzaExpress app needed a refresh to introduce new features and seamlessly integrate the new loyalty scheme within the customer journey. Working in an agile environment with fast and open communication between the two companies was crucial to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


A Fresh Ground-Up Build

MethodWorx built an entirely new app for PizzaExpress that could display all the exciting new features, an improved customer experience, and most importantly, the brand-new loyalty scheme. The app was designed to make it easier for users to book, collect and get deliveries done. New designs were implemented, menus were updated, and the whole booking journey was rehauled.

New Exciting Features

The Loyalty Platform

The new loyalty platform added to the app is filled with exciting features that aim to reward customers. The pay at table system allows users to enter their table numbers and pay off their bills using their mobile devices. The Tier Progression System rewards users with pizza slices for scanning barcodes or entering codes from retail packaging, delivery or collection, or dining in at a restaurant. Each tier offers exciting rewards which get better the higher you go.


Built Using React Native

The app was built using React Native and updated to be supported by the latest version of smartphones and software. Languages used include Java & Katalin (Android) and Swift (IOS).

User Experience

Geared Towards Loyalty and Restaurant Bookings

A top priority for this build was to ensure that the user experience was always being improved. The user experience for this build was geared towards loyalty and restaurant bookings. The journey for booking tables has been simplified and a lot of work has taken place to ensure the app is suitable on all devices and phone settings.


A Rewarding App Experience

The journey with loyalty keeps the user invested and it is rewarding to use the app. MethodWorx delivered a future-proofed solution that works as a base for the expansion of the app and events solution.

We were all very relieved that a company existed that was willing to work with us to provide the specific solution – we didn’t want to compromise, and working with MethodWorx gave us everything we needed in terms of functionality and service delivery.

Matt Broom

Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress

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