PizzaExpress Case Study: A Market-Leading App with Impressive Statistics

PizzaExpress is the market leader in mid-market casual dining apps, with remarkable performance on the App Store. The PizzaExpress app is ranked number 1 in mid-market casual dining and number 26 in the Food & Drink category. It has an average rating of 4.8 out of five from 9,870 customer ratings. In 2019, the app had 72,000 registrations and two million sessions.

In this case study, we look at how MethodWorx helped PizzaExpress connect with eight million digital customers and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns.


Making PizzaExpress’s App into a Market Leader

Two years ago, PizzaExpress faced a challenge with its outdated app. It had no CMS and did not support the tech needed to build out new features. It looked dated and did not help the brand. PizzaExpress wanted a future-proofed digital channel that would help it engage with customers and build strong long-term relationships.


An Exceptional User Experience with Underlying Technology

MethodWorx delivered an exceptional app for PizzaExpress that provided an exceptional customer experience. The aesthetics were modern, clean, and consistent with the PizzaExpress brand. Users were given important functionality like booking a table, an app payment option, and access to vouchers.

The app was built on a CMS that gave PizzaExpress the capability to easily and quickly change content and push out different offers and vouchers. This allowed for greater flexibility in marketing efforts and enabled PizzaExpress to better target its customers with relevant offers and promotions.


Increased User Engagement and Customer Insights

By delivering an exceptional app, PizzaExpress gained more user engagement. This engagement helped it understand more about its customers and enabled it to push better and more personalised content to users. MethodWorx integrated the app into their Event-Stream platform, allowing PizzaExpress to identify who its app users are and segment them accordingly.

This provided extraordinary insight into customer behaviour and allowed PizzaExpress to develop data-driven marketing strategies. With the ability to quickly target users with relevant offers and campaigns, PizzaExpress was able to greatly improve customer engagement and drive business success.


A Best-in-Class App for Restaurants

MethodWorx delivered a best-in-class app for restaurants of its type for PizzaExpress. The app has provided extraordinary insight into customer behaviour and enabled PizzaExpress to quickly target users with relevant offers and campaigns. The flexibility of the app means that PizzaExpress can improve and evolve its customer engagement ten times faster.

With MethodWorx, the app has become PizzaExpress’s digital channel of choice. The solution provides a powerful tool for understanding customers and delivering highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive business success. With impressive statistics and a proven track record of success, the PizzaExpress app is a market leader in mid-market casual dining.

The app developed by MethodWorx has given us the platform to go and engage with our customers, it’s meant that we can try new things and deliver campaigns easily – this flexibility means we can improve and evolve our customer engagement ten times faster. The app quickly became our digital channel of choice, and we’re looking forward to developing the capability more in the coming years with MethodWorx.

Matt Broom

Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress

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