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Enterprise Software, CRM and Front-End Software Development Specialists

Websites and mobile apps allow you to deliver software applications straight to business users and consumers alike.  

Our specialist developers can help you take advantage of the ever-evolving range of developer tools and technologies and can support you with a wide range of solutions, including: 


  • Marketing Websites -Promote your products and services, engage with customers and create offline events to encourage publicity.  
  • E-Commerce Websites -Create payment gateways to your products or services. E-commerce sites fulfil a range of functions, from complementing high street stores, to forming the basis of entirely online businesses - you could even launch a new marketplace similar to Ebay or Amazon. 
  • B2C Web Applications -Get closer to your customers by creating your own social media site. These sites serve as an advertising platform to consumers whilst providing them with a free-of-charge or paid-for value-added service.
  • B2B Web Applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  -Provide a service to businesses and charge increasing levels of subscription for tiered feature sets.
  • Line Of Business Applications - Get a bespoke, semi bespoke or tailored application to support your business. This can include enterprise SaaS apps or be custom-made for your unique needs. 

Get an attractive, yet functional website or application with our creative and wireframe design services.  

We start by planning the branding, theming and visual elements of your website to ensure that it looks great and fits with your other customer-facing assets. We can also provide visuals and mockups so that you can see how your site will look. 

Next, we’ll ensure your website is user-friendly by planning an intuitive user experience and  laying out the flow of the website or application through the use of logical wireframes. 

Easily manage content on your marketing or e-commerce website using one of our content management systems (CMS). 

From blogs to news articles and updates to products, our CMSs enable you to directly make regular updates to your website for no additional cost. 

Our expertise on the Microsoft development stack presents a number of CMS choices: 


  • Umbraco -A mature open source CMS with a host of features that make it perfectly suited for company websites of any size.  
  • Sitecore - A very popular commercial enterprise CMS and e-commerce platform that provides incredible options for personalised content for each website visitor. 
  • Episerver - Another popular commercial enterprise CMS and e-commerce platform that provides personalisation, A/B testing and a host of other features. 

We also provide advice and consultation of which CMS suits your budget and functionality requirements and offer WordPress development services for smaller websites. 

All systems can be deployed to enterprise-grade cloud hosting on Azure and managed by our expert support staff - either during business hours or around the clock depending on your service requirements. 

We build mobile apps using React Native.  This allows us to target multiple devices and platforms without having to build multiple applications.

All functionality of the current latest mobile devices can be leveraged to build an incredible app for a range of purposes:


  • Gamification - Provide a fun experience for your customers to promote your products and services.  By using gaming techniques and game mechanics you can promote long term participation and engagement with your application.
  • Digital Ordering - Provide ordering functionality for restaurant, pubs or bars to improve customer service whilst reducing operational costs.
  • Membership - Perfect for businesses that rely on membership, e.g Gyms or Loyalty Schemes.  Couple an online customer profile with a powerful CRM backend or our Event Stream platform to improve your marketing campaigns.

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