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Dynamics 365

MethodWorx sets you up for success with Dynamics 365

Set up in two weeks

Simple, efficient migration

Integration with current tech

The Problem

When your CRM can't grow with your business; Your business can't grow.

  • Is your current CRM provider not delivering results?

  • Has your business outgrown your entry-level CRM?

  • Are you looking to consolidate into Microsoft?

Our focus is ensuring that you enjoy a seamless CRM set up within two weeks. With our personalised configuration, your sales team will unlock the power of Dynamics 365 quickly.

The Challenges

We understand that setting up a customised CRM for your business can be a headache. MethodWorx has solved all of these problems:


A new CRM needs to work with your existing systems


Staff need the right training to use the CRM properly


It’s very difficult to get your CRM set up quickly and to the right specificatio


It’s very difficult to get your CRM set up quickly and to the right specification


The set-up process can be drawn out due to unexpected hurdles

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MethodWorx benefits:

We are an accredited Microsoft partner

MethodWorx is led by highly experienced technologists who know Microsoft products inside and out. This means we can get your business set up for su...
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We are Dynamics 365 experts

As Microsoft partners, we understand the power of Dynamics 365. This is why we are well-placed to advise on what the CRM can do for your business.<...
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MethodWorx optimises your set-up

We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges.

One of our consultants will find out exactly what you need from Dynamics...
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You’ll be up and running quickly

We know you don’t have time to waste. We can have your new CRM up and running within two weeks.

From day one, we will ensure that Dynamics ...
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Ongoing technical support

At MethodWorx, we are passionate about delivering excellent customer service.

We will arrange feedback sessions with your business to fine-...
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Integrations with compatible tech

There’s nothing more frustrating than a CRM that doesn’t integrate with your current tech.

We will ensure that the Dynamics 365 application...
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Always on Target

Dynamics 365 is a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with an array of sophisticated tools and processes.

Seamless collaboration

Dynamics 365 is designed for real-time collaboration, with Microsoft Teams chats embedded within the CRM.

Customer data and insights are al...
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Identify buyers

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you find buyers through advanced search filters.

You can then save the contact directly to Dynamics 3...
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Find key decision-makers

Dynamics 365 Sales also helps you keep track of your buyers.

With this tool, you can identify when contacts have changed jobs and use inter...
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Nurture relationships

Microsoft and Dynamics 365 provide score-based signals that allow you to track relationships with your clients and identify those that need attenti...
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Boost productivity

Dynamics 365 helps minimise routine tasks by making suggestions to create new records for contacts and meetings.

he CRM lets you connect yo...
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Improved forecasting

Dynamics 365 has a built-in forecasting solution that helps you gain visibility over revenue and reveals risks and opportunities.

You can a...
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Gain real-time visibility

Dynamics 365 has interactive dashboards and reports that allow you to track sales performance and make data-driven decisions.

Tailor the sales team’s processes

Within Dynamics 365, you can design a sequence of activities and connect it to leads and opportunities that appear in a seller’s work queue.