Unlocking Business Potential with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365

How to Streamline Your Business Processes with Dynamics 365

If you want to take your customer relationships to the next level, increase your sales performance, and simplify your business processes, you need Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that works seamlessly with other Office 365 products and offers a variety of tools and features to help you grow your business. With Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Create and customise forms, processes, and reports that suit your needs and preferences.
  • Track your email interactions with customers automatically and see them in context with their records.
  • Access your data and insights from any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • Use artificial intelligence and automation to improve your customer experience and satisfaction.

We are specialists in Dynamics 365 solutions. We can help you get started with Dynamics 365 or migrate from your existing CRM system. We are also a Microsoft reseller, which means we can offer you flexible and affordable pricing options for your Dynamics 365 licences. You can choose from different plans that suit your business size and needs, starting from £69 per user/month.

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Unlock Business Success with Microsoft 365

Ready to revolutionise your business, enhance collaboration, and optimise IT spending? Look no further than Microsoft 365 – the ultimate solution for modern businesses.

Microsoft 365 is the cloud-based evolution of the world's most renowned office suite, featuring Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and an array of productivity tools. With Microsoft 365, the power to access your emails, files, and applications resides at your fingertips, regardless of your location or device. And that is not all; you will benefit from 1 TB of cloud storage per user through OneDrive and seamless communication via Teams, enabling chat, calls, and video conferences with both your team members and clients.

At MethodWorx, we are your trusted Microsoft 365 specialists. Whether you are seeking a smooth migration from an existing on-premises system or a ground-up setup, we have you covered. As proud Microsoft resellers, we offer flexible and cost-effective pricing options for your Microsoft 365 licenses. Choose from a variety of plans tailored to your budget, starting at just £3.70 per user/month + VAT. What is more, when you obtain your licenses through us, you gain complimentary access to our top-notch email support. Should you require additional assistance, explore our customised management and support packages to meet your unique needs.

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We recognise the challenges that come with configuring a tailor-made CRM for your business. We have addressed and resolved these issues:


A new CRM must seamlessly integrate with your current systems.


Proper CRM utilisation requires staff to undergo appropriate training.


Setting up your CRM quickly and to the exact specifications can be a challenging task.


Efficiently configuring your CRM to meet the precise specifications can pose a significant challenge when aiming for a swift setup.


Unexpected hurdles can prolong the CRM setup process.

Customers can be grouped into very specific segments based on how they’ve interacted with us through different channels – this allows our marketing team to really zero in on delivering targeted customer campaigns.

Matt Broom

Head of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress