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Sarah Newton, Project Manager

MethodWorx has just added another member to their team!  Despite the global challenges brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, MethodWorx has continued to steadily grow.It is crucial to be on top of

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How I went from a pre-Covid bartender to a post-Covid developer. It’s February 2020 and I’m seven years into my ‘Gap Decade’. Since graduating university I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand,

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Meet MethodWorx's New Team Members

MethodWorx forges ahead despite the pandemic and is expanding their team with an additional two members. Make sure to read our latest article to get to know our new members a little bit better!

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The Elusive Single Customer View

The capability to capture every time a customer engages with your business in one record, enabling you to build a detailed view of that customer’s behaviour.

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Power your Old Tech Stack without Spending a Fortune

Killer campaigns based on watertight customer data – that’s what marketing is all about, right? Well, not if you’re spending all your time grappling to collate customer information from a myriad of out-of-date technologies that don’t integrate.

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