Meet Rashmi


02 Febuary 2022





Meet Rashmi, one of our new Developers who have joined MethodWorx. Read on to find out some more interesting facts about Rashmi, and why she enjoys working for MethodWorx…

Full Name

Rashmi R

2 Interesting Facts about yourself.

I am a trained Carnatic Classical Violin Player; it helps me to de-stress and calm my mind.

Bookworm – I live in my head a lot 😊

1 Fun fact

I am a Foodie. I have precise rules on how food should taste and how it should look, and I don’t like if the same meal is offered twice in a day

Previous experience and/or studies.

I am Fortunate to have worked with many companies and got a chance to interact with many US and Australian clients.

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), planning to do master’s degree through online course.

Current position within the company


Why you chose to take this job opportunity

I am fascinated to work with UK clients and be a part of their work culture. I also never got the chance to be part of a Food related industry and products.

Your favourite part of your job

The creativity of code and beauty of it, and I thoroughly enjoy the ‘Eureka’ moment.

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