Profile your Customers to Supercharge your Marketing


07 September 2018




James Simpson

Profile your Customers to Supercharge your Marketing

What if you knew what each of your customers liked to eat the most? Imagine if you could know exactly when they are going to eat and how much they would spend.

Would that information help your marketing campaigns? Yep. Would it deliver more revenue? Definitely. Would it give you a competitive advantage? Without a doubt.

Most hospitality businesses are just guessing what their customers want -- they push out marketing emails or advertise and hope people turn up. If the restaurant is empty (or full), they don't necessarily know why.

Knowing this level of detail about your customers may seem like something from science fiction, but the technology to do this exists, is affordable and is relatively straightforward to set up and use.

Furthermore, it delivers all of the benefits that you'd expect -- you can analyse customer data in real-time and immediately produce targeted promotions. You'll be able to send customers personalised offers for the products that they love, boosting their spending and increasing their brand loyalty.

Get Expert Customer Insight

Here at Methodworx, we are focussed on helping hospitality businesses understand their customers better -- enabling them to build effective marketing campaigns -- and beat their competition.

We bring deep technology capability, sector expertise and a proven solution that helps to put the customer at the centre of their marketing efforts.

Our flagship product helps hospitality companies collect customer behaviour from across their business and turn it into actionable sales and marketing plans. We then help them execute these plans and measure the impact.

We help our clients build a precise picture of each customer by storing data in a single place. This information can then be quickly and easily analysed before being used to plan and disseminate campaigns that are precisely tailored to an individual customers' tastes and behaviour.

See the Single Customer View

At the core of Event-Stream is something called the Single Customer View: the capability to capture every time a customer engages with your business in one record, enabling you to build a detailed view of that customer's behaviour.

Most restaurants don't have a clear single customer view; one customer might interact with the business across the website, through an app, at the till, over Wi-Fi and through social media, but the company has no idea if this is the same person -- this makes it almost impossible to understand an individual customer's behaviour or build reliable datasets.

Event-Stream overcomes this by capturing every customer event in our middleware; once the data is centralised, each customer has a key, so they're identifiable every single time they interact with the restaurant. Typically, this key is an email address.

So for example, once a customer has signed up to your mailing list, you can send them a unique voucher code. When it's time to pay, and they redeem the voucher, Event-Stream recognises the unique code and assigns all data on the receipt to that customer's record.

Already we know what they have ordered, how much they spent, and what time they ate. Do this several times and you start to see patterns and build up a clear picture of their behaviour. Multiply this over thousands of customers, and suddenly you have an incredible dataset that can help drive your business.

Follow the Trend

So for example, has visited our restaurant with a voucher five times in the last year. Each time his spend and the amount of food he orders has been different -- but his order always includes a medium pepperoni.

Chances are that the pepperoni is his pizza or at least someone who always goes with him -- chances are that if we send him a voucher to get a free dessert with a large pepperoni pizza that he'll use it, and the chances are that he'll enjoy his visit all the more after boosting his favourite meal.

Let's look at another example. has only redeemed a couple of vouchers with the restaurant. However, she has been regularly engaging with the company's channels, going on the website and using the app.

Event-Stream can track everything she does because she is logged-in to both channels via her email address. A quick analysis of the data collected from this shows that she has been looking at the wine list and has been taking a particular interest in the more expensive bottles. When we look at the purchasing data we have on her, we see that she has indeed bought an expensive bottle of wine on both visits.

By sending out vouchers -- for example, spend over £50 and get a free bottle of wine -- we encourage to return to the restaurant, spend more and provide more rich data.

This real-time analysis means that you can launch precisely targeted offers almost immediately, so you can keep coming back to customers time and again with personalised offers that they will love.

It also gives restaurants the opportunity to be creative with their marketing and boost customer loyalty -- let's say there are 100 customers like who love quality wine.

Perhaps each month the restaurant could hold a wine tasting night? Maybe they could launch a YouTube channel dedicated to exotic (and expensive) wines? With Event-Stream, the possibilities are endless and as the datasets increase in size they become more and more powerful.

Trust in a Proven Service

Methodworx has strong engineering capability and a focus on its clients' needs. That's how we've built out sustainable and effective technology for brands like Pizza Express and Carluccio's.

As a business, we're fast-moving and solve problems quickly. We can use a range of technologies and focus on Microsoft.NET, Azure, HTML, CSS and React Native SQL databases.

How We Help Your Business

Customer Insight: Find out more about your customers' behaviour. A broad view of customer behaviour gives you a new and intimate understanding of how customers interact with your business.

Think Outside the Box: Whatever plans you want to execute, our flexible solution and depth of behavioural information make it possible.

Make Excellent Plans: Our customer insights allow for detailed, sophisticated and behaviour-driven plans.

Simple Delivery: We integrate with disparate systems so plans can be executed easily across multiple technologies.

Measure Success: Greater visibility on customer behaviour helps you quickly determine what works, so you can iterate your plans..

Scalable Infrastructure: Everything we build lasts. Using our solution means you're always adding to your capability and producing value in the long term.

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