Pav and Leon Interview


06 September 2021





As the MethodWorx team continues to expand, we welcome some new friendly faces to the team! Meet Pavithra (our software tester) and Leon (a developer), and get to know them a little bit better:

Full Name:

Pavithra Thanigaivelan

Nick name:


Two interesting Facts about yourself:

" I started off volunteering in the UK to build up communication and soft skills. Interacting with people gave me the opportunity to improve".

"I am a part of Kent Tamil community association (MTS) and I teach Tamil language to advanced kindergarten children every Sunday."

Fun Fact:

"I love to make craft work out of scrap, my best turnout was turning plastic bags and bottles into home decor. Rangoli and Mehndi art are my favourites hobbies."

Previous experience:

I have completed BSc computer science in 1st class and worked as a Junior tester in Potluck. Phc Start-up website- London and Vels Soft Pvt Ltd- Chennai. I have done crash courses in Interior design and Beautician.

Current Position:

Software Tester

Why I joined MethodWorx:

"MethodWorx is a place where a team of aspiring people work.  MethodWorx is the best place to showcase my skills and build my career further. "

Favourite part of my Job:

“The challenges I go through in my work, make me realise what I am capable of”.


Full Name:

Leon Alexander Bent

Two Interesting Facts about yourself:

“I represented my country at a junior level in tennis.”

“I am planning to have visited 30 countries by 2025 (covid dependent ☹). “

Fun fact:

“I consider myself the world’s greatest singer when I have got my headphones on…it’s a different story when they are off.”

Previous experience and/or studies:

BSc – Web Development ( 1st  honours) – SAE institute London

Current position within the company:


Why you chose to take this job opportunity:

“It’s a good opportunity to work on some interesting projects and learn more from a seriously talented team.”

Your favourite part of your job:

“Working with such a nice team.”

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