Meet Kacper


06 September 2021





Once again, the MethodWorx team is continuing to grow and now welcome another member, Kacper. Make sure you read on to find out more about our Automation Tester and why he loves his job:

Full Name

Kacper Jankowiak

2 Interesting Facts about yourself:

“I have been riding motorcycles for 11 years. Once, I even went to Dubrovnik and came back on a sports motorcycle (well, it was even without front fairings after the crash I had earlier). I was planning on exploring more of Europe on my current motorcycle, but Covid put all my plans on hold. That’s why recently, I have been focusing more on legal off-road green laning, because riding on asphalt around the same area is not as fascinating as it used to be.”

“Before my current position, I was a funeral director for almost four years - interesting for some, frightening for others ; )”

1 Fun fact:

“I’m terrified of medical needles (I even look away when they do injections in movies), but I used to donate blood regularly.”

Previous experience and/or studies

- Automation Tester Training
- Bachelor’s degree in Logistics Engineering

Current position within the company

Automation Tester

Why did you choose to take this job opportunity?

“I have always preferred to work in smaller companies, because people's approach to each other is more personal. This is also my first position in this industry and at the beginning I was told there was no one else in the company in that position, so I believed that by jumping into the deep water I’ll learn more and develop faster.”

Your favourite part of your job

“The constant challenges of learning new things, methods or programs.”

“Working alongside people with a broad knowledge, that are willing to help when the situation requires it.”

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