5 Reasons You Need Bespoke Software


03 August 2021





Have you ever considered bespoke software?

Many businesses opt for off-the-shelf solutions due to a perceived cost saving. Although the upfront costs of bespoke can be more, a good solution will ultimately lower long-term costs and save you time with seamless usability and automation.

Could bespoke software be the tool that helps you take your business to the next level? Continue reading to find out…

Making the right decisions for your business can be stressful. With every challenge comes a host of options you could take, and picking which one is best for you can often leave you feeling confused.

We can’t help you with every business decision, but at MethodWorx we do know our stuff when it comes to software!

Bespoke software can be defined as custom-made software that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, vs. off the shelf software which is already made software that is sold at mass to the general public.

In this article, we offer some expert tips and advice about the advantages of bespoke software and why it could be the best option when looking to overcome many of your business challenges.

1. It Costs Less

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that bespoke software will end up costing more. Of course, as software companies can sell off-the-shelf software to multiple customers, they can tend to do this at a lower cost up-front than the bespoke software option.

However, there are two important facts to remember when considering bespoke softwares cost:

  • Unlike off-the-shelf, you only need to pay for the functionality and updates you need.
  • Where you would need to pay for numerous additional software tools for off-the-shelf software, you can often incorporate all the required functionality into one bespoke tool which will end up being cheaper long-term.

2. It’s Scalable & Flexible

As your business grows, you will find yourself spending time and money on new tools that meet your ever-changing needs. Using a bespoke tool, you can mitigate the potential teething problems of new software and update your current platforms to meet your requirements as you scale.

Bespoke software also allows you to update your platform and align it with your wider business challenges. One good example of this would be the recent pandemic and the shift towards remote working. You could simply move your bespoke software to the cloud to allow your team members access and use it from home, whereas off-the-shelf software may not offer this level of flexibility.

3. It Offers Competitive Advantage

There are a few disadvantages to using off-the-shelf software. The majority of off-the-shelf software is available to anyone willing to pay the price tag. This means that your competitors can easily access and use the same tools as you with very little effort. .

Going bespoke allows you to develop a competitive edge over others in your niche. When you develop software specifically for your needs, you provide yourself with tools which your customers may not be aware of and may not be able to replicate.

4. You Maintain Control

When you build bespoke software, you maintain complete control. This means you have full predictability in its functionality and cost.

On the other hand, your typical out-of-the-box software can be changed at any time and in any way by the company who owns it.

For example, you may use a specific type of accounting software successfully for three years. Suddenly, demand for the software goes up and the owners decide to triple the fee for using it. Equally, they may completely change the user interface in order to target a wider audience, but change it in a way which makes it very difficult for you to use.

5. It’s Bespoke

It might seem a little obvious to point this out, but one of the biggest benefits of bespoke software is the fact that it is tailored to your specific needs. This means it will fit within your current methods of doing things, unlike off-the-shelf software which often requires you to change your business processes in order to use it.

It’s personalised nature also means it integrates seamlessly with your current tools. Ultimately, this can support the automation of time-consuming tasks.

Bespoke Software for Business Success

Going bespoke will often save your business money in the long run. It will also allow you to build in automations and efficiencies which will help you serve your customers better.

If the benefits listed in this guide sound like something that might work for your business, please get in touch with us and we'll discuss your needs.

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