Five Reasons Customers Love the Pizza Express App


16 April 2019




James Simpson

Imagine if you could be in your customers' pockets at all times and see every time they interact with your restaurant?

For Pizza Express, this is a reality thanks to its app; and the best thing is that customers don't need any encouragement to use it -- they love it.

With a five star rating from more than 13,000 reviews and 1.2 million sessions from 72,000 users, it's easy to see why Pizza Express is considered to have the best casual dining app in the UK.

It's all the more significant when you consider that the mid-market casual dining sector has struggled to capitalise on app technology in the same way that the take-away industry has.

Pizza Express has got it right; customers don't just download the app -- they use it as their main communication channel with the restaurant and continue to engage as it provides them with ever greater personalisation.

Here are five main things that keep customers coming back to the app time and again...

1 - Great Vouchers get Users Engaged

New users are immediately presented with a series of vouchers. Upon loading the app, they are offered 20% off. Regular offers encourage users to switch on notifications.

A wallet feature means that customers can choose vouchers relevant to them and save them in one place, meaning that they won't need to waste time searching for them at the restaurant.

Online menus mean that you can choose your meal before you even arrive, with filters enabling users to choose their food by tastes or dietary requirements.

2 - Provides End-to-End Convenience

What if the user doesn't know where their nearest Pizza Express is? No problem -- the app uses their location to suggest the nearest restaurants and provides immediate access to booking a table.

Booking is simple, allowing customers to choose their restaurant, time slot and number of guests. If the table is not available, then you'll be told immediately and offered an alternative time or location or be given the option to be put through to the restaurant. It's a simple function, but it stops the business from losing some customers at peak periods.

And when it's time to go home, there's no need to wait around for the bill. Customers can pay through the app, making the whole process quicker -- no waiting for the bill or passing around card readers.

What's more, it offers additional functionality that is unique to paying in a restaurant, such as being able to split the bill and leave a tip.

3 - It's fun!

The app's two mini-games aren't just there to stop the kids getting bored when waiting for their order. By providing interesting content such as recipes, the latest news and games, Pizza Express has given users a reason to keep coming back to the app even when they're not dining.

What's more, the whole app looks great and works well -- making it a credit to the Pizza Express brand. Users feel like they have downloaded a genuinely valuable app that visually has the 'wow-factor'.

4 - It Offers a Highly Personalised Experience

Personalisation is one of the cornerstones of the app's user experience. Straight away, users are asked to provide the usual registration details, along with information on their dietary requirements and favourite meals.

Now, whenever customers launch the app, they're welcomed by name and can quickly and easily order their favourite meals from the closest restaurant.

This information allows Pizza Express to send targeted offers to customers that reflect these personal preferences. All app users get a free bottle of prosecco if they visit on their birthday and get offers tailored to their preferences.

This kind of personalisation encourages people to spend more money, visit more often and recommend the restaurant to friends and family.

5 - It Uses Data to Delight Customers

This is where Pizza Express took their app to the next level. It can track each customer

every time they interact with the restaurant, allowing them to collect a vast amount of data on that customer's dining behaviour.

This data is then used to build an even clearer picture of the customer's preferences, allowing offers to be even more precisely targeted at the individual.

So, for example, if over three visits, a customer bought a bottle of red wine every time, then it is safe to assume that they are a red wine drinker. The customer might then receive a voucher for a free bottle of wine if they visit the restaurant again that month.

The beauty of this system is that every time they visit the restaurant, the app can gather more

data on them and provide Pizza Express with an ever-clearer picture of what that customer loves. In turn, Pizza Express can then offer the customer yet another irresistible reason to come and visit.

However, this capability isn't just limited to the app. Pizza Express can gather data and push out targeted offers in this way across all of its customer-facing channels. When the data from the app is collated with the other channels, one huge and incredibly powerful dataset can drive marketing campaigns.

Connected Data Collection

Pizza Express uses a software solution called Event-Stream that connects all of the company's disparate channels and collects data in a common form in one place.

Every time the customer interacts with Pizza Express -- whether that is in the restaurant, online or on the app -- Event-Stream collects the information in its middleware.

This information can then be analysed in real-time and used to inform targeted marketing campaigns.

All it requires from the customer for it to track their behaviour is an email address -- which they provide when they sign up to the app.

The Pizza Express app is the cornerstone of this virtuous circle of personalisation. Its balanced blend of targeted offers, great design and an enhanced customer experience have earned Pizza Express an army of loyal users that are always connected and looking for an excuse to order their next pizza.

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