8 Benefits of using a Dynamics 365 CRM


02 August 2021





Dynamics 365 is a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with an array of sophisticated tools and processes.

With tools that will enhance business processes, actionable insights and seamless Outlook integration, Dynamics 365 will assist organisations of all sizes to transform their productivity levels.

At MethodWorx, we offer a dynamics 365 CRM sales accelerator (link to CRM offering Landing page) that has all the benefits of a Dynamics365 CRM, with the added bonus of being tailored to your unique business needs and requirements. Here are 8 benefits you will enjoy when making use of a Dynamics 365 CRM:

  1. Seamless collaboration

    Dynamics 365 is designed for real-time collaboration, with Microsoft Teams chats embedded within the CRM.

    Customer data and insights are also accessible within Microsoft Teams to enable productive collaboration between team members.


  1. Identify buyers

    The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you find buyers through advanced search filters.

    You can then save the contact directly to Dynamics 365 and discover mutual connections that can provide a warm introduction.


  1. Find key decision-makers

    Dynamics 365 Sales also helps you keep track of your buyers.

    With this tool, you can identify when contacts have changed jobs and use interactive organisation charts to visualise relationships between your contacts.


  1. Nurture relationships

    Microsoft and Dynamics 365 provide score-based signals that allow you to track relationships with your clients and identify those that need attention.

    Know how to engage with your customers through proactive guidance on topics like personalised talking points, ice-breakers and next best actions to move relationships forward.


  1. Boost productivity

    Dynamics 365 helps minimise routine tasks by making suggestions to create new records for contacts and meetings.

    The CRM lets you connect your sales and marketing processes to a common platform. This optimises your efficiencies, ROI and lead handoff.


  1. Improved forecasting

    Dynamics 365 has a built-in forecasting solution that helps you gain visibility over revenue and reveals risks and opportunities.

    You can also use the CRM’s built-in AI to augment sales team forecasts and view deal trends.


  1. Gain real-time visibility

    Dynamics 365 has interactive dashboards and reports that allow you to track sales performance and make data-driven decisions.


  1. Tailor the sales team’s processes

    Within Dynamics 365, you can design a sequence of activities and connect it to leads and opportunities that appear in a seller’s work queue.

    Make sure you check out the MethodWorx Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator which will be ready for use in only 2 weeks!


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Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator


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