Our Process


Our goal is to provide your business with software solutions that offer great operational improvements from as early as possible. Value is important, and that is why we like to keep things lean.

To keep aligned with our lean principles, we like to treat a project as many small iterations over the 6 step process below. We will work with our customers to identify the ideal cycle of stages and transition strategy that best fit with the customers' expectations and needs.

  • 1. Meet

    Let us meet to discuss your situation, where you would like to be and how we can help get you there.

  • 2. Discover

    Start the project by detailing out the requirements and scope for the upcoming phases or milestones.

  • 3. Plan

    We then plan the project deliverables, including a detailed budget and identify how we transition into a live system.

  • 4. Build & Test

    Build and test in-line with the deliverables, keeping the customer involved as much as possible while respecting their current commitments.

  • 5. User Acceptance Testing

    Official handover of the completed milestones for sign off by the customer. Supporting the customer by improving areas of the system as they require.

  • 6. Transition & Support

    Go Live! Keep supporting the project in-line with any agreed support framework and SLAs.