Dynamics CRM Theming Explained


It is possible to customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 to your companies own specific branding requirements. Below is list of the available sections with an explanation and their location on the page.


This is the border of highlighted boxes, when an area is hovered over by a cursor. On the example above this is shown as an orange colour. The control border also and breaks up other control areas.


Internal colour of highlighted boxes, when an area is hovered over by a cursor, demonstrated on the example by a light grey colour.


The colour of the custom entity icons, shown in the navigation shelf bar.

Global Link Colour

The colour of links.  Links within the CRM system, to a contact or account from a separate page.  Also external links such as email addresses and phone numbers.  

Header Colour

The colour of header text.

Hover Link Effect

The colour of an item when a cursor is over it to show it can be selected.





Logo used to brand Dynamics CRM, this needs to be no greater than 50 pixels high and 400 pixels wide.


Navigation Bar Colour

Primary colour of navigation bar, this is a constant though out the CRM.


Navigation Bar Shelf Colour



This is the background colour behind the dropdown icons from the navigation bar. 

Process Control Colour

The colour of the selected sales process, along with the separation bar from opportunity form to sales process.


Selected Link Effect

Once a link has been selected the button changes to this colour.

All the above are easy to change as long as you know the Hex Number of the desired colour.


Chaining the primary icons requires administrator rights.  The change can be made within the Dynamics CRM solution (example below), highlight the required entity, which brings up the window below, again the Hex Number needs to entered, an example of the change to lime green can also