Dynamics CRM

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management, (often called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software) is a business software solution that helps companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers to drive organisational efficiency, while helping to improve customer experience.

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What can CRM do for my organisation?

CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions marketing, sales and customer service.

Benefits of Dynamics CRM

We implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is a cloud-based system that gives you a complete picture of your customer relationships and interactions.


Dynamics CRM is accessible on desktop and mobile platforms, giving you freedom to access information on the move.


Value added features are available such as tools that can integrate data from external sources, provide complex reporting, and capture data from social media. All of this is then presented and managed in a simple to use application.


Dynamics CRM links seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, providing a familiar experience and linking Outlook Mail and Calendars, the ability to import or export files and data for use within Excel and Word. With over 4.4 million registered users worldwide the system is proven to deliver results.

Why Customise Dynamics CRM?

The way your organisation works is unique. So why should the systems you use not fit your business instead of your business fitting the systems?

Every single organisation has evolved to work in a way that is as unique as the people within in it, which is why your customers come to you time and time again. Over time you have discovered the best practices which work for you, and by aligning these practices with a CRM package you can unlock more potential within your business.

As things change, so should the software you use. Working with our lean development practices and thanks to the incredible flexibility of Dynamics CRM, we can improve your solution as quickly as your needs change.

Our Process

At MethodWorx we discover how you operate and customise Dynamics CRM to your precise requirements. To accomplish this we meet you discuss your current situation and where you would like to be, more importantly how you work and why it delivers results.